We support SimApp to help you be successful in using this software. We can help you with installation and use of SimApp features.  Our products come with one year of support as stated below.  Licensed users may download all minor product enhancements and revisions (2.x) from our site -- in fact, this is a requirement prior to contacting support.  There may be new major releases with new functionality (x.0)  These releases will be available for sale as upgrades.

Support Subscription - This covers email support, download of minor releases and use of all online resources for a period of one year.

Questions about developing models for a particular problem or troubleshooting models may be beyond the scope of our support subscriptions. Please contact us for a quote if you have special needs such as advanced training or consulting.

Windows 7, 8 and 10

SimApp works with Windows 7, 8 and 10. To properly show the online help you may need to switch on the Windows XP compatibility mode. Click the SimApp program icon and select Properties. In the SimApp Properties dialog go to the Compatibility tab and select the Windows XP compatibility mode.


For updates and upgrades you need a valid user name and password. If your are a SimApp customer you can request your credentials here. You will receive the key by email after your request is checked.
To download the manual in pdf format right-click the link and choose "Save link as...".
For reading and printing the manuals you need Acrobat Reader.

SimApp Handbuch (pdf) auf Deutsch  
SimApp manual (pdf) in English  
Manuel SimApp (pdf) en franšais  
SimApp Server Handbuch (pdf) auf Deutsch  
SimApp Server manual (pdf) in English  
Manuel SimApp Server (pdf) en franšais  
GetComputerID.exe (shows the server ID)  
SimApp 2.72 (Light,Workstation,Server) Password!
SimApp Trial Version Free!



When should I choose SimApp versus other simulation software?

SimApp is ideal when you are examining a subsystem that has significant dynamic issues. For example, the system you are controlling requires high performance, or is exhibiting an issue like a resonance or instability. SimApp is also excellent for simulating systems that cross different engineering disciplines. If you are working on a discrete process problem, for example, and a motor/controller subsystem can be viewed as a black box, there are probably other packages in the market that would be better for you. You may find these packages are more complex and expensive.

Will you develop additional features for SimApp?

Over time we will develop additional features for SimApp based on our customers' requests. Please fill in the feedback form or use the forum to help us prioritize developments. We are dedicated to simple, inexpensive, yet capable solutions for dynamic modeling.