Ordering Information

Ordering Basics

SimApp is available in four editions: Workstation, Light, Student and Server . There is a 30 day free trial of the Workstation edition. Students may obtain a one year license of the student edition which incorporates all the capabilities of the Workstation edition. All but the student and the trial editions are permanent licenses to use those versions. English, German, and French languages are selectable within the application.

You may order online (preferred), or via the order form by fax or mail. Customers from Switzerland, students and schools should always use the order form.

Local Resellers

France CREA Technologie
M. Luc Plane
Spécialisés dans la commercialisation de produits didactiques et Industriels pour l'enseignement.
All customers in other countries order directly at Buesser Engineering.

SimApp Workstation

This is the standard edition for single user systems and contains all SimApp features. It is suitable for engineers, scientists, technicians and students. It cannot be launched over a local area network. One year of Support Subscription is included. Students may license the software on an annual basis as described below.

You may download the Workstation Edition to one computer for a 30-dayfree trial. This version is identical to the Workstation edition, but is limited to 10 blocks. Email support is available during the trial period to help you start with confidence.

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SimApp Light

This is a very affordable edition for the user who has a limited problem to solve or wishes to study dynamic simulation. This edition differs from the Workstation edition as follows:

  • Limited to 30 blocks
  • User blocks and libraries can be used but not created or altered.

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SimApp Student

Students enrolled in a degree program in an accredited institution of higher education may obtain an inexpensive one year license to use this edition with all the capabilities of the Workstation edition. This license expires at the end of the 12 months after installation, and may be renewed while the student is enrolled in a relevant course of study. Proof of enrollment is required with the order. Appropriate proof is an email from the professor or academic adviser, or a copy of the student I.D.

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SimApp Server Editions

SimApp Workstation Server and SimApp Light Server allow the installation of the applications on a Window local area network (LAN) server machine and to use them on a license-dependent number of workstations.
The advantage of operating SimApp on the LAN is the more convenient maintenance of the software for companies, schools or other institutions with more than one user.
SimApp Workstation and Light Server correspond functionally to the standard editions.

There are four license options for SimApp Server: Enterprise, Site, Floating and Client. Please read our SimApp Server page for more information.

The SimApp Server editions cannot be ordered online. Please review the SimApp Server page and then request a quote.

Volume Licenses


Companies buying in volume may receive discounts.

Schools and Academic Institutions

Schools and qualified institutions of higher learning receive lower prices on SimApp. These licenses are for teaching staff, researchers and students. They are not to be used for commercial purposes.
Server licenses are available for easy administration

Schools and Academic Institutions use the order form