What customers say

“I started using SimApp in 2007 and it is now my main tool for modeling stability of hydro turbine governors and in simulating hydraulic transients in pipelines. I routinely insert block diagrams from SimApp in my final reports as well as simulation results and Nyquist plots. When I have run into problems, Bruno has responded in a timely manner with the information needed to solve the problems. I looked at a number of simulation programs and SimApp is definitely the best program at a reasonable price.”

Larry Clifton , Clifton Labs

“We put SimApp to use with great success in the training for RF automation technicians in the Control System Fundamentals module. We use the software to bring quite sophisticated control technology to our students. The student can quickly model the behavior of the control system, and represent it graphically. This saves us time during the lessons.
We chose SimApp for its simple and user-friendly interface, clear and concise block diagrams, and comprehensive range of functions. SimApp is highly esteemed by all of our students and controls teachers.  The cost/benefit is optimal for us.”
  (translated from German)

Marcel Ferri, sfb Bildungszentrum, College of professional education for engineering, computer science and management