SimApp Server

We are pleased to announce that the SimApp Server software has been released.

SimApp Server Edition 2.6 is now available. It allows the installation of SimApp Workstation and SimApp Light on a Window local area network (LAN) server machine and to use them on a license-dependent number of workstations.
This edition dramatically improves administration and maintenance of the software with Windows Server.  For example, updates and upgrades are simply and quickly carried out.   Our school customers will find it easier to administer access for students as they work through their studies and then leave for jobs in industry.  Our commercial customers will find it easier to manage the software for their controls experts and engineers.  

Four versions of the server edition are available:

Floating license - This license is  suitable for clients on one server who want to stay flexible since users change frequently.  This is often the case in schools or corporate training departments.

Client license - This license is more affordable, and suitable for clients on one server where the computers accessing the software change infrequently.   This is the case in companies with a group of controls engineers, for example.

Enterprise and Site licenses - These licenses are suitable for large enterprises with users distributed over a site or over several servers.

Please read our Server manual to learn all details.

Please contact us to discuss the right option for your organization.