Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
- Albert Einstein
SimApp is a simple simulation software tool for consultants, engineers, technicians, and students who want to understand dynamic systems. SimApp offers significant simulation power at a reasonable price, while reducing learning time.

Are you developing or testing dynamic systems?

By simulating the system you can try your ideas and design the system to meet your specifications. Learn more...

Would you like to reduce your development time and cost?

Successful companies reduce their time to market and improve quality of designs through simulation. Learn more...

Do you have limited resources?

SimApp is designed for those of us who do not have huge software budgets, nor the time to learn complex software. Learn more...

Are you learning automatic control for the first time or refreshing your skills?

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Robot playing the piano. Engineering simulation of robot dynamics is possible with SimApp
Disk drive speed control and actuator design requires high performance design simulation
Electronic circuit simulation can be accomplished with SimApp