Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
- Albert Einstein

Dynamic Simulation Introduction

SimApp is a simulation software tool for consultants, engineers, technicians, and students who want to understand dynamic systems. SimApp offers significant simulation power at a reasonable price, while reducing learning time.

Are you developing or testing dynamic systems?

SimApp is effective in many applications such as:

  • Mechanisms and machines with motors, springs, loads, friction, and damping.
  • Complete motion control systems with a mix of mechanical, electrical and control components.
  • Proportional – Integral – Derivative (PID) Controllers.
  • Engine simulation and vehicle control systems.
  • Chemical processes.
  • Hydraulic systems.
  • Electronic circuit simulation with capacitors, resistors, inductors, switches and amplifiers.
  • Other systems expressed as Ordinary Differential Equations over time.

By simulating the system you can try your ideas and design the system to meet your specifications.

SimApp uses a common block diagram method of building models. This common language helps you model full systems that cross various technical disciplines. Simplicity in modeling promotes insight, understanding, and ease of implementation. You can build a dynamic model in a convenient block diagram form, and analyze its behavior in response to external inputs. Then you can model a control system design. SimApp contains many elements that help you model real-world issues at the right level of sophistication. [back]

Would you like to reduce your development time and cost?

Successful companies reduce their time to market and improve quality of designs through simulation. Different design possibilities can be quickly evaluated while there is still design flexibility. The number of prototype cycles can be reduced along with time delays and cost. The overall system behavior can be predicted and tested as the components arrive. The impact of component variations can be evaluated. Finally, common understanding of the system through simulation may lead to improved teamwork between development, testing and manufacturing people in the company. [back]

Do you have limited resources?

SimApp is designed for those of us who do not have huge software budgets, nor the time to learn complex software. We do want to evaluate dynamic systems to meet our customers' requirements. We want to create models that are advanced enough to accurately reflect real-world behavior. SimApp offers significant simulation power at a reasonable price while reducing your learning time. [back]

Are you learning automatic control for the first time or refreshing your skills?

If automatic control was not your focus in school, or you have not practiced it for a while, SimApp can quickly help you get up to speed. You can try simple example models and then add to them as you gain experience. [back]